BRING GREEN Super Yulmu Pore Deep Peeling Pad 66 pads

The pad contains 1.5% of AHA and 0.5% of BHA to eliminate excessive dead skin cells that clog the pores and revitalize the skin.

The Anti Sebum P* Complex controls excess sebum to minimize the appearance of pores.
Pads with a grain-coated finish that meticulously remove the thick layers of dead keratin cells on the sides of the nose and beneath the chin
The pad with a grain-coated finish (Adlay and rice bran powders) and soaked with hydrating Adlay water helps clean every corner of the skin,

including the sides of the nose and the chin area, where thick layers of dead skin cells and excessive sebum are easily produced.
Super Adlay Complex, highly concentrated with vitamins, essential amino acids, and coixenolide,

provides abundant nutrition, making the skin bright and clear.

66pads (160g)


How to use
After washing, wipe off the entire face except the eye and lip areas with the embossed side,

following your skin texture. For areas that require special care, apply the other side with a grain-coated finish.