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Manufacturer : Lenstown (Silicone Hydrogel)
Dia : 15.0mm
BC : 9.0mm
Graphic Dia : 14.0mm
Weight : 42g
Period of Use : 3month after opening (2p in one pack)

Note :

30% of consumers who buy color lens tend to buy non-perscription lens.
70% of consumers buy the lens with prescription and 50% of them have different left and right sights/visions.
Almost of all online shopping malls that are selling lens do not provide specific options to consumers to pick the lens
depend on their sight so consumers have to buy each set so total 2 sets. In this case, the consumers have to pay more.
However, "KosmeShop" offers a special option to consumers this special option contains customizing.
Even though the consumers have different left and right sights, therefore,
they can buy in one-set by choosing/customizing through Kosmeshop's special option.