Lens Town Siesta Romance 5p + 5p

Manufacturer : Lenstown (Phosphoryl Choline)
Dia : 14.0mm
BC : 8.6mm
Graphic Dia : 13.4mm

Weight : 160g

Note :
single lenses of 5 colors is included in one pack.
2 packs are required when wearing a pair of lenses the same color.
This product is a 2pack (1 + 1) product.
It is 5p lenses in 1 pack and included 10p lenses in 2 pack.

India Blue + India Blue
Dian Gray + Dian Gray
Brown + Brown
Green + Green
Cedar Gray + Cedar Gray

A pair of lenses is worn for 1 month, and  5 pairs of lenses, it can be worn for 5 months.




SIESTA Brown / SIESTA Cedar Gray


SIESTA Dian Gray / SIESTA India Blue