Eye cream with 51.7% collagen with a skin lifting effect for sharp looking.

-Lifting of the outer corners of the eyes for sharp-looking eyes
The outer corners of the eyes easily droop and lose their elasticity
when the supply of collagen decreases with age.
Take extra care to provide collagen for the skin around the eyes,
particularly the outer corners of the eyes to keep them supple and smooth.
The collagen eye-up cream has 51.7% collagen.

-Collagen Boosting Complex technology for the firmness
and elasticity to the skin around the eyes
HERA's original Collagen Boosting Complex technology provides collagen intensively
for the skin lacking collagen due to the aging and environmental factors.
It keeps the skin around the eyes firm and supple.
Collagen Cube contains collagen and constantly supply it to the skin around the eyes.

-Bouncy texture similar to that of collagen
Its bouncy jelly-like texture glides over the skin
to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.
Such a fast absorbing texture allows collagen to get absorbed into the skin
and leaves the skin feeling firm and lifted.
Lightly pat to help the skin around the eyes to recover
from fatigue and revive it with fresh energy.



How to use
Take an adequate amount and apply all over the face.

Made in Korea