Ampoule : N Purifying Shot Pumpkin Enzyme Peeling Gel 100ml 

*Scientific Homecare ‘Pumpkin Peel’ : The pumpkin peel which can see the effect of nutritional ingredient and

fermentation enzyme extracted from pumpkin, and the plant-derived BHA ingredient to receive professional peeling care at home.
*Quick effect of Purifying Recipe : Incorporates patented ginseng extract and green lotus extract to make smooth skin texture after cleansing.
*Soft and mild peeling gel : Naturally derived cellulose extracted from cotton gives mild peeling and relaxes comfortably with skin lotion extract and allantoin.
*7 kinds of harmful ingredients are not added : Parabens, Benzobonone,

Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Artificial coloring matter, Artificial fragrances, Polyacrylamide


How to Use 

After cleansing, spread on the entire face,

except around the eyes. Gently roll for about 1 minute and rinse thoroughly.