DreamCon(CE, FDA approval certificate included) is described in detail below the detail page.

Before purchasing theproduct, please refer to the information to know about the product and itssafety.

DREAMCON Aria Cotton Gray Silicone hydrogel lens (1months/2p)

Manufacturer : DREAMCON
Dia : 14.2mm
BC : 8.7mm
Graphic Dia : 13.0mm
Weight : 42g
Period of Use : 1months after opening

Note :
2pcs of lenses with same optical power are in 1 pack.
If you have different eyeglass prescriptions for each eye, please order 1 pack each for your eye.
If not, not necessary to order for each eye.




Brand Introduction

Securing the world'sonly Dreamcon's own technology

The secret behind Dreamcon's ability to be recognized worldwide is because of the solidtechnology.

The Plusierus method, which coats both the outer surface of the lensand the pigment so that the pigment does not come into direct contact with theeyes,

is a unique technology that only Dreamcon can implement.

Dreamcon has a vision to become the world's best in color contact lenses.

Andwe understand that this vision can be achieved by providing our customers withthe highest quality products and services.

Based on this vision,Dreamcon focused on research and development (R&D) activities from thebeginning of its inception,

obtained quality system certifications such as GMP,ISO13485, and ISO9001, and acquired

CE (Europe), US FDA, Japanese Welfare, CFDA(China), GOST. -R (Russia), Thailand FDA, SFDA (Saudi Arabia), and ANVISA(Brazil) approvals.

It’s technology and safety are highly evaluated both in thedomestic and global markets through the development of an independent methodfor producing soft contact lenses.

Design registration and product registration certificate in Korea and othercountries for other products



In addition, while mostcontact lenses have a validity period of no more than 5 years,

Dreamconproducts have been certified with a validity period of 7 years. It means thatit has the strength in inventory management. Iris lenses,

which can be used bypeople with iris abnormalities, were also approved for the first time in Korea.

Dreamcon has been able to realize such world-class technology due to investmentson development, such as devoting 7% of its total operating profit to R&D.

The entire process from raw material refining to design development, such asestablishing an affiliated research center and operating a separate design teamwithin the research center,

is carried out only within Dreamcon, as well asindependently developed production facility itself to produce high quality products.



Q. What is a siliconehydrogel color contact lens?

A. A silicone hydrogel product is a product combining

Silicone (material with high oxygen permeability to hard lens) + hydrogel (soft material like soft lens, comfortable to wear)

The lens is made of silicone and made as soft as a soft lens, combining the merits of oxygen transmission and wearing comfort.

(A lens having only silicon added has a disadvantage in that the water content is lowered and cause discomfort, when the silicon content)


Q. Why is the productprice so low?

A. When a product isproduced, it is owned by the factory => wholesaler => advertising andpromotion company => exporter or agent => customer.

The price goes up as yougo through this step. We acquire products from Dreamcon's factories orwholesalers. (In other words, the margin structure can be significantlyreduced.)


Q. What is the expiration date ofthe product?

A. Color contact lenses manufacturedin Korea are 5 years after manufacturing. This is because the product isstrongly compressed so that even sterile air cannot enter.

However, many products of Dreamconhave a shelf life of 7 years after manufacture. (Of course, the product mustnot be opened.)


Q. What are the advantages of Koreancolor contact lenses?

A. Did you know that more than 50%of the world's color contact lenses are produced by OEMs at factories in Koreaand Taiwan (based on color lenses)?

Over 60% of the Japanese color contacts favoredby many global friends are also manufactured by OEMs at factories in Korea andTaiwan.

We pride ourselves on making theproduct inexpensive, yet very hygienic and the high quality