Too Cool for School Nuage Veil Tint 4.5g


Watery mousse texture that melts into the lips

The moisture of a glow lip paired with the texture of a matte lip deliver a hydrating feel with a fine, velvety finish

Clear and vivid pigmentation that lasts

Fine pigment particles apply vividly without clumping for long-lasting color upon the first coat

Non-drying moisture fit

Moisturizing agents help prevent flakiness to maintain smooth, hydrated lips.

Color option

#1 Fairy Coral 

#2 Blooming Peach

#3 Cinnamon Beige

#4 Rosy Cocktail

#5 Mauve Berry





How to use

Gradation Lips : If you want a gradient lip, make the inside of your lips darker.

Full Lips : Draw a line along the lip line and fill it.