ETUDE HOUSE Syrup Glossy Balm 2.5g

As soon as it touches the lips, it is a dazzlingly plump, glossy balm as if syrup has been melted.
It creates bright and dazzling lips that are transparent and clear like syrup.
The sticky oil fills in the wrinkles between the lips, making it smooth and thick.
It is a transparent and clear syrup color that does not feel greasy even if applied several times, providing a pure and refreshing fruit juice color.
It is convenient because you can easily turn the contents upwards and to the right by clicking the bottom

button of the product to move the contents downwards.

Color option
#01 Peach Earl Grey
#02 Rosy Lavender
#03 Cherry Tart
#04 Honey Grapefruit
#05 Sugar Tomato



How to use
Apply it all over the lip line to create a full-coverage lip, or tap the center to spread it naturally to complete a gradation lip.